Being a Web Domain Freak!!!

by Shaan
Well i have some buy and sell web domains for sometime now. They are offline and ready for use in any purpose. After every deal is done some domain are left with me and here is the list of domains i have, if you are interested in any below domains contact me and we will find a solution
Web-domain is an important part of the web-space as they are the identity of the data that you have to project. well for a technical guy IP address is what is the identity of a website but for us it is the name as i simply can not remember the numbers for all different websites. There are tons of host providers where the domains can be hosted i.e GoDaddy, BlueHost or HostGator they all offer one feature the other offers some other feature all of them have pros and cons we shall touch the hosting providers in some other post due to it being a different category. A new domain is easy to buy from any of the provider also Google can buy a domain for you. It is just about spending few more buck for a personal web space as that would enable you to create your own online presence. Hence go ahead and buy a domain this is the next big thing in the online internet space. You can contact me via contact me form

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