Email id the key to internet & best email service provider

by Shaan

Email id is the key to internet. We need mail id to do anything digital online. For that we have email service provider who provide email id for a free and premium. Mail id starts with name that you like followed by a symbol called at the rate “@” then domain name. Lastly comes the extension “.”com or “.”in or “.”ch.

My mail id is “” me is name i chose and rest is domain specific so you can have and name provided it is available at the email service provider. Now the name “me” is taken on the domain and no one can have the same name on same domain. Similarly for domains like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail if “me” is taken then i would end up having some other name and that is very true most of the second generation can not have the premium name such as Jhon, Hari, Tim all these are probably gone on the popular mail sites.

I have used quite a few email service provider from Gmail to Yahoo and seriously Gmail is one which sticks for a very long time. Once you activate secure content share on Gmail you will hardly every go away the key to internet as of now. Mails are nothing but a bunch of data and you have to pay a price to keep your data online. I have not seen an open source data storage till date. All the current email service provider have an underline of subscribing data storage. In time i am sure the GPL community will break this too so that we can have unlimited data online.

Another type of email service provider are the Self-Hosted Mail Service. Here the server is your own and data is with you and you have full control. If you are have host plan then you can even build you own website. Self hosted mail are premium and you have to pay for the domain and the host service. Some email provider would give free service on registering a domain. These domains you have to renew every year that is the only reason we don’t tank much about them.

So self hosted is the best deal, we do pay a small price but the future benefits are enough. A real secured key to internet. Let me know what is you think on email service provider.

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