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What is Office 365 by Microsoft

by Shaan

This is one of the application, sticky for life. Office 365 by Microsoft is a great office document editing tool. We all must have used this software or are still using this. Microsoft known for the computer applications and lead the way.

It is being notice that the major companies are taking their apps subscription based and Office 365 is one of them. Microsoft started subscription based office app where the everything is on the cloud. The application is available for download to the local machine and works similar to the older office apps. There is one feature which according us is the most impressive the self save.

Office 365 can be bought directly from MS official website or code can be bought online or office which gives a year subscription and access to 1 TB of One Cloud Space. Microsoft’s applications are the most cracked app used. With subscription base MS is fight and will almost make it impossible to pirate the application. Office 365 can be used in all OS and has different variation of users. The basic version is available with 1 TB of space. Installed on single PC and mobile.

Office apps are accessible via any internet browser. The only requirement is internet connectivity. Even Outlook is web based and is accessible remotely. Keeping your office document secure is easy now on the One Drive with the subscription. We had a incident of malware attack, but restoring to earlier state in the One Drive saved all files kept in the cloud.

Office 365 is currently available online on Flipkart and Amazon both have the physical and digital key product. Don’t know why but physical is few bucks cheaper than the digital code. So go ahead and buy your self a subscription of famous MS Office.

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