Wordpress 5.0

New WordPress 5.0, Block editor and more….

by Shaan

A new version of WordPress is out and this site updated on the same. Very excited to play with its new features inside in the 5.0. The most important feature in 5.0 is the block editor which we already knew and was know as the Gutenberg editor. Now if you don’t like the new block editor the old editor’s plugin is available for supported till 2021.

Aside from the editing experience, Gutenberg will bring changes to lot of  plugins and themes. We’ll see more of Gutenberg-compatible themes, So lot of updated on the back hand are on the way. Initially block writing can be little awkward but as you keep using it’s fun. This is how the new WordPress 5.0 editing post page look like.

Changing back ground colors of the blocks is very easy and is a very new feature liked. Also the font size feature which is also very easy to operate.

Current the most of the theme creators are working of the updated and not all themes are block compatible so one needs to wait for the update and install the WordPress classic editor. Most essential WordPress plugins like WPForms and Yoast SEO are already compatible with WordPress 5.0 so no worry on this part.

Twenty Nineteen is the new theme based on the block editor, which is fully compatible with the new WordPress. which gives you the freedom to experiment with the new editor and create beautiful layouts for your WordPress posts and pages.

You might want to do a back up of your files before updated the themes and the core flies. As the custom edited would be updated with the new files. Right after the updated check if your site still works and nothing is broken.

NOW enjoy the World of Blocks.

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