Truth about Action Camera

I just bought cheap Action Camera!!!

by Shaan

Action Camera is everyone talking about small cool little thing for vlog making. I too bought it from Amazon is was cheap as water. Do you think it is worth buying and using. Here is my take on this Action box and accessories. They are available in the market and on the most of the top e-commerce sites. Before i give you my take let’s just see what is Action all about.

What is an Action Camera?

Wiki says An action camera or actioncam is a digital camera designed for recording action while being immersed in it. Action cameras are therefore typically compact and rugged, and waterproof at surface-level. Well according to me Action-cam is something which is suppose to capture with a single click, which was never supposed to be captured.

Why do need Action-Cams?

Seriously, we don’t need them at all, when we already have basic cameras and mobile phones in our pocket. They are just another piece of technology upgrade. Things are just becoming smaller and smaller and easy to carry around. In your pocket, attached on your cycle, to your helmet and so on.

Are they any good?

They only become good if you are able to record any action. OK let me put it this way, how many times do meet with an accident when you are cycling or how many times do you see a thief’s steeling a car or how many times do you plan a holiday on the beach and go for scuba diving. The answer to all the above question is next to none. So, a person who has a DLSR or any other simple camera at home, carries a decent mobile phone in his pocket, congratulation you now have another camera to carry around. Man you have three camera’s and still not able to record the action are they any good.

How do i get the max out Action-box, i just bought?

Well this is no straight answer to this, you just need to utilize the box till it last. If you are into Adventure, Hiking, Scuba diving, Sky diving or even in racing you can max the usage and might just buy it again they are lighter easy to use and carry around compared to traditional cameras. Some of the V loggers would also be able to use them for some time as they are easy to carry and usage of single button at places where DLSR would be difficult to use.

Are they really worth buying?

You probably would have already answered this question on your own by now. Action-Cam are useless until there is action. Going of cycling daily and riding a bike with the same and having no action recorded at all they are as good as the mobile phones in your pocket even worse as you can’t use them for calling. One just add more and more data pictures or videos which are of no use. Just of a single trip of sky diving or any other sport they are just too expensive to buy, would suggest to rent them. For serious adventure guys is with some more improvement this would be a necessity soon. Cheap action camera are not worth buying as the quality of the hardware and the quality of pictures/sound are awful.

Let me know you experience with action camera on daily basis, if it different than mine would love to get some feedback on the action one captures.

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