Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers

I use Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers for a reason

by Shaan

Surfing for without internet browsers is a waste. We would pretty much find at least one in every laptop or PC if you are not using stocked safari and I use all three just to watch optimization at its best. All the browsers are from the best-known companies, we have Google, Microsoft and Mozilla Foundation responsible for them.

Firefox by Mozilla Foundation

Mozilla Firefox is free and is an opensource available for Windows, Linux and Apple OS it also has a mobile version for Android devices. Firefox was first launched in 2004 as a stand-alone browser and was known for the best in speed and add-ons. The company has been giving updated ever since its launch and has a huge market share. Firefox is easily customizable and the tools available makes it even safer. Firefox launched in private browsing in 2009 which now is a standard for most of the other browsers which does not record any history.

Internet Explorer by Microsoft

Internet Explorer was first launched in 1995 and soon was a part of windows operating system. Explores ruled the browser market before the launch of others like Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Internet explorer as a stock browser is taken over by Microsoft Edge in 2015 but is still being maintained by the company. I.E was prone to many bugs and hacks as it was the first of its kind and slowly kept improving its base. Being a part of larger OS gave I.E an edge over others as it was stocked as soon the new OS was installed on the PC and laptops.

Google Chrome by Google

Chrome was first launched in 2008 and is pretty much one of the most preferred browser installed on the Laptops and PCs. Has its private surfing mode known as incognito. It was first developed for Microsoft operating system and was later made available for others and even for mobile devices. Chrome with the sync on gave users better accessibility over other Google products. With extensions and access to chrome web store just made the browser experience better over time. Chrome got the popularity from Google and gained massive market share over time.

Why do I use all three browsers?

Well its simple, when you are in the business of developing and running some websites. The sites work and look very differently on all of them. The main job for the developer or blogger is to retain the viewer on its site by content and by its look & feel. Different browsers show and work differently and one needs to optimize the site differently. If you work on WordPress the experience of editing and previewing is pathetic on Firefox and is perfect on Chrome. The front end is pathetic on Chrome and great on Firefox. Internet Explorer with history and cache disabled would give the speed level for the site loading.

This happened with me when I was seeking support for one of the WP theme. The issue was working fine with the support team who is sitting miles away and was not working for me at all. Later came to know the support team was using Google Chrome and I was on Firefox. So, it is always good to test the issue on multiple platform. Using all three browsers gives an edge on the control of the site and its working. Even when you scale up or down the site by zoom the looks are very different on all three.

Lastly would suggest using different browsers and ditch being with just one of them. Some sites load faster in one and some plugins work better in one. So, why being stuck to one single browser when we have tones available.

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