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I run out of disk space all the time, what should I do

by Shaan

It is not great feeling when one runs out of disk space. With all that good data and all that bad data, we have on our system, we run out of disk space it happens a lot with me and then comes that data transfers from disk to other and upload some things on the cloud, pictures, videos and other documents. The endless back ups and raw images what do I do? I thought I did have an answer to this problem an external disk, but that disk is also on the verge of filling up.

Read like 10 to 20 articles on data management some said put it on cloud some say keep adding external disk and label them all. It is tough no matter how organized one is all these transfers messes one up for good. These days finding a picture which was clicked long back in 2011 is not that easy job. So today we are talking about all the disk, drives and the cloud available to us for backing up our precious data.

History of products gone long time

I had the opportunity to play with those floppy disks, if you remember the 8 inches disk and the 3.5-inch disk which had the capacity to 1.44 MB those old days. These disks are almost obsolete from our system none of the PC and Laptop now give technology to read them. That time the hard disk size of a good system was 20 to 40 GB. Data transfers were small up a size of Kb’s things were so simple at that time.

Compact Disk CD and DVD

Most of the floppy disk were taken over by compact disk first introduced by Sony and Philips in 1982. These were fast shiny round disk with the space of 700 MB and 4.7 GM once they outlived their life, we used them as frisbees. Scratching on the disk was the most common issue on the CDs and DVDs. We can still get them, and we need special readers and writes on our system for these now. If you have noticed most of the laptop these days don’t have cd drives any more.

Pen drives

I remember buying a 256 MB dive myself back in 2008, but they were first introduced in the year 1998. This was one major up-gradation in technology and who knew that later technology we be based on these drives. The USB jack is one of the most important part which exists in the market without the jack all the drives are a waste.

External Hard drives

The drives we all know as the savior of extended data from the large bulky type to now days sleek as pen drive. They can keep up to couple of GBs to TB of data safe. Prone to mishandling and causing data go corrupt. Hard drive is a good tool to keep some data but when these drives start filling, how many drives will you have by next few years. They used to be very expensive in the early days, but they now cost nothing.

Cloud drives

This is the latest in technology, no physical drive available put everything on the web. There are couple of companies like Google, Dropbox even Microsoft in this race now. As it is a onetime payment or a yearly subscription for a TB of space. Great thing to use but with some fall backs let’s say we over years fill up the TB space and now want to transfer the data to some other disk or don’t want to pay the subscription how much time will it take to download all the data. Another big question that come to my mind is about safety how safe our data is online.

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What I personally think and i do for additional disk Space

We are sole responsible for creating and managing our data there is no one in world who would take the responsibility. If we loose are pictures it is our loss rest are just capitalizing on the opportunity. What we download or upload lot depends on us so, ask our self before backing up is this file going to help you in future or is it just a piece of junk. Our mobile phones click picture which are now couple of MB’s used to be in KB’s earlier but now it just takes more space than ever, and it is just going grow from here on.

So, that picture which we took in the dark which has no face no light absolutely nothing is it important to back the picture. So, segregate the important files and folders before doing anything. Pen drive, External drives and cloud drives are all good tool till the time we control them.

I backup pictures with Google Photos use the unlimited method same for the videos. Putting all the documents in Microsoft OneDrive 1 TB subscription came free with the Office 365. Important documents which are required now and then go in DropBox use the free version gives 2 GB of space and would increase with referrals, which time became 10 GB. Most important and sensitive data goes in my WD Element Hard Drives.

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Lastly pointing out that web is a great place but remember world wide web is also the most notorious and dangerous place in the world.

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