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Reviewing Sricam SP005 Wireless IP Wi-Fi CCTV Indoor Security Camera

by Shaan

I have been using Sricam SP005 Wireless CCTV for a long time in my fish room now. It works on Wi-Fi connection and can be operated by an Apple or an Android device. I use this camera for keeping a check on my fish and the tanks, but one can use this IP security camera any ware in your shop, home, garage or even outside (Provided the location keeps dry). These cameras are manufactured by China based Shenzhen Sricctv Technology    Co Ltd.

Inside the Box

  1. Camera
  2. Power Adapter
  3. Mounting Stand and Screws
  4. CAT 5 Ethernet Cable
  5. Small Adapter Pin
  6. User Manual

Specification of the camera

Sricam SP005 shoots at 720p resolution (1280×720) has a built in IR LEDs for night mode. Has a MicroSD card option at the back and has the ability of two-way audio communication. From your mobile device can be tilted and rotated in all direction except the back portion. It also has an option of motion detection and alarm via email and app notification. Has an antenna and RJ-45 Ethernet socket at the back.

Installation process of the camera

One can place this camera on the desk or a shelf or any other location up right without the mounting stand. While installing this camera on the wall or roof it would require the mounting stand which comes with the camera along with the screws. There are two holes in the stand which would go on the wall. The main screw would go on the camera back. Configuring the camera with Wi-Fi before final installation is advisable as it can become a hassle if it is away from hands reach. Taking out the camera from the stand is easy and happens instantly with the main screw.

Connecting the camera

Connecting the Sricam SP005 is easy, just download the Sricam app from the Google Play store or Apple store on a device. Register yourself to the application it will ask for an email and a password. Power up the camera with the adapter, which need to be plug in all the time as there is no battery option in the camera. As soon as you power up the camera it will tilt and vibrate on its own and finally rest to its original state.

With the adapter pin reset the camera, the button in at the bottom. Need to keep the button pressed for 5 to 10 seconds till a cashier sound is heard. After this add the camera to the Sricam app via device id or the QR code pasted on the bottom. By default, the password is 888888 press next, then press smart Wi-Fi settings where you must put you Wi-Fi password. Once connected it will ask you to reset the device password from 888888 for security reason. If the smart Wi-Fi connection does not detect you Wi-Fi use the CAT 5 Ethernet Cable plug in your modem and camera and do the above again.

Once the connection is done green dot with the thumbnail will appear in the Sricam app.

Options in the Sricam application

In the application we have options of 1. Authority where you can control of on/off of audio, Pan & Tilt, Zoom and preset 2. Multi-media has the video playback and local pictures 3. System has the phone vibration and alarm notification 3. About Us has the details 4. Update on the application 5. Logout would log one off the app and 6. Quit this would close the app but will keep you logged in the app.

 Options in the device settings

This gives out all the settings which one can edit or change for the camera such as time setting, Media setting, security setting, alarm setting and finally the device update on the firmware.

Is this security camera worth buying

Well according to my intense use of this Sricam SP005 camera over the years here is the review. One needs a Wi-Fi to run this camera, no power will also turn this camera off. This camera is defiantly can’t be a spy cam but is good for day activities to check on the happening in the camera location. If you have some workers in shop or have some people working in the house, checking on a baby or old folks this camera is great. Picture quality at night and in the day is good for its value of less than 3500/-. If you have multiple camera in your home and don’t want too much of wiring this camera can is useful as it only need the power cord for plugged in for power.

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