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Reviewing Sonoff Wi-Fi so called smart switches

by Shaan

Sonoff Wi-Fi has two switches flooded in the market one is 10 A and the other is 16 A. They are pretty good DIY Wi-Fi switches to install and works with Android and IO’s device. The application that controls the switch is called eWeLink available both on Google play store and Apple app store. In the Box we have the switch, screws and user manual. I have been used these switches for almost a year now and have not see any major problem with them.

Installation of the device

For the basic version which is the 10 A the input and the output cable go on the opposite side as per the markings and covers go on the top for which 4 screw is provided in the box. For the 16 A the cables would go on the same side but in different jacks. So, one needs to unscrew the side cover and attached the cables.

Pairing the device

Once the Cable are installed, switch on the connection, open the eWeLink application on your mobile device register with an email id and select the add button. This wizard will ask you to press the button for 5 seconds till we get the light blinking. This will automatically connect with the device and then will ask for naming the switch.

Switching the device on or off

After the installation and configuration, the on and off button is available on the mobile device. The small tiny back button on the Sonoff device also does the same thing if the mobile device is not available with you.

Other features on Sonoff

Other that the traditional on and of via Wi-Fi there are options of timer and Schedule of the application, I personally use this feature a lot, as this switch is installed on my reef tank which requires lighting as per timings. Inside the device option we can rename the device and update the firmware. One can also share the device with family and friends form the application.

Is this smart switch worth buying

Well I use these switches a lot in my fish room the are perfect for my DIY projects. No drilling no additional wiring is required for making them work. Costing less that 500/- and good quality compared to other expensive brands. The switchs are big in size so if you are planning to use them in you home it would be difficult to hide. So, if you have a DIY or a project where you need a Sonoff Wi-Fi switch these are perfect.

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