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Top 5 gaming application which help me to kill time

by Shaan

There are plenty of gaming application available on the block now. Gaming apps are playing more and more role in our daily life. So many times, we find ourselves in a situation where killing time is the best option we have. So, here are my top five game apps that I use all the time when getting bored. All the games are free to download and playware.


This game is heavy and long so whenever I have lot of time in hand I start shooting. I don’t think this game needs any introduction. Multiplayer combat action and beat the other players for chicken dinner.


I love this game from Miniclip. It’s a multiplayer Pool game play with random people or invite your friends to lay with you. The match we play are not that long and ends fasts who every win takes all the coin.


Keeps my finger running on the candy colors and levels are like never ending. The game is developed by King and released in 2012. I remember the trolls of Candy Crush on Facebook this game still has that charm.  


Old is gold, I grew up playing Mario classic and was one of my favorite game on the 8-Bit system we use to have. This game is developed by Nintendo and released on 2017 for Android devices. So, a gaming application to play with one hand.


Got hooked to this game in my college day. Game was initially an application liked with Facebook back in 2007. This game is very addictive and have lot of table options in the game. Time just passes by when playing this game.

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