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Checking out the Contextual Ads in MEDIA.NET

by Shaan

If you are running a blog site, the first revenue model that comes in mind is running ads. There are few companies who act as big ad network houses when it comes to digital. Adsense is by far the biggest, I have seen as of now but today we are testing Media Net. Its pretty much the same as Adsense in function but is also very different. If Adsense is for Google, then Media Net is for Yahoo Bing Network.


Most of the Adsense work on self-registration, we go there take the code snippet and add in our site and wait for approval. In Media Net the registration is done by just adding you Email id, Cell No and your site. Approval comes later via email which has the registration link in it. In Adsense we have to add a code in our head tag Media Net doesn’t require to that.


Media Net is a contextual ad network, which means that the ads they run are based on the type of content you have on your blog. For example, I am hosting a niche site on marine fish and aquarium the ads that they are running on my site is all about fish keeping. Similarly, if you have site on technology it will run ads-based technology. Where as Adsense runs direct ads, which might or might not be related to your content.

Creating an ad unit

Media Net has the simplicity of creating an ad unit, I just had to select the size and the colour, then press ok and we get the code which will go in the HTML widget and we have the ad running. In case of Adsense we have far more options such as selecting channels, size, type of ad and we place the code in the text of a widget.

Payout Settings

Adsense and Media Net both have the minimum payout threshold to 100 USD and Media Net has two ways of payment one is Payoneer and Paypal. Where as the Adsense give direct bank transfers. Which I shall register on a later stage as I have just started using the Media Net network.

Conclusion on MEDIA.NET

It’s a very easy to use ad network any one who is looking for ad revenue model should check out. I would do a complete review on this network on a later stage once it start generating some revenue. If you are interested in contextual ads you can register and here and get started.

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