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Small SEO Tools is for site optimization

by Shaan

Small SEO Tools is the site, which will help you with your site optimization. This is a free tool online and has some very powerful features. Where most of the premium SEO tools are a cost and at starting it is a bit difficult to spend, this free site will come in very handy. You can check your Domain Authority, Backlinks or rewrite your article or check for Plagiarism.

When we start a new site or blog its very tough to rank or to get those site hits. I used to think the same, why doesn’t anyone visit my site. I changed my site design 3 times and I still had zero traffic. Then I came to know about Domain Authority, Page Rank, Backlinks and lots of other SEO terms. Most of the premium SEO tools like MOZ, Ahrefs, SEMrush were just too confusing and costly for me when I started, even their free versions. I wanted something much simpler and easy tool, that’s when I landed on Small SEO Tools site.

If you are starting your site don’t go buying all the premium tools you are just going to burn. Try to do with free tools that are available. Everyone says that tool is great for you site and you go ahead and buy it. Later you realise you don’t even know how to use it or its just complicated too understand.

I started using Yoast Premium SEO after a year of posting on my other niche site. Earlier it was all Small SEO Tools and other freeware. If you really want to start blogging the free way this site is perfect for you. Once you grow your traffic you can always go for the premium tools. Its is so simple if you have 2 backlinks do you really need the expensive backlink checker, no you don’t.

Therefore don’t spend money on SEO in the beginning, Try out it will solve most of the starter issues.

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