NetFlix is Eating Bandwidth Share

by Shaan

Yes, NetFlix the streaming TV broadcasting internet media. It is eating all my bandwidth from Lucifer to Narcos to Sacred Games, from original to classics I am watching it all. I gave away traditional cable network long time back. I cannot even stop watching, you know why because I am addicted to it now. Every time I watch I waste my time, lose my bandwidth and my money although it’s entertaining and fun. Watching any of the streaming services would cost you not just money but also 1 GB or more of bandwidth.

NetFlix is an American based company, which started its service in renting as selling DVD. In 2007 it went into streaming business, now that is two years head start for YouTube in video-based model. Since then the company has ventured into production and distribution of films and TV series and goes live in more than 190 countries world-wide. By far NetFlix is the biggest player in media streaming India has seen. Netflix Started India operations in 2015.

I remember my childhood days where we had a dish and popular channels were DD1, ZeeTV, StarTV and few more. For new movies, we had to go to a video shop and rent cassettes at that time we had VCR’s and VCP. Gone are those days technology is changing and shaping lives. India too has some video on demand companies such as VOOT started in 2016, Reliance BigFlix started streaming business in 2017, ALTBalaji started in 2017 but not even close to NetFlix. Another major player in the same industry is Amazon with its prime video service started in 2016.

This year is going to be a year of fight between indigenous and global players as India is a big market and penetration is yet to happen. Will multi-million corporations be challenged by our home players? this only time would tell.

Lastly, I must ask you which is your preferred over the top service?

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