Black Hole

Black Hole by Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration

by Shaan

Black Hole by Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration. We have seen tons of Si-Fi movies where everything just gets sucked up. There is a huge black hole in our own Galaxy and scientists around the world have tried everything to get a picture it. But no luck till now, you know what was missing that powerful camera which could take that picture.

Not having that bigger telescope was no issue for science. The scientists went ahead and built a bigger one. Bigger as the size of earth virtually, they synchronised the efforts of all massive telescope around the world. Below is a short video which will give you a head start, on what they did to get this picture of Black Hole.

Event Horizon Telescope Animated Movie
Black Hole
Credit: Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration

Great news for space fans, people kept talking about one for years. Now you have the first-ever photo of this hole. More than 200 people jointly worked together for this. This finding would give more clarity on the space studies and the things we didn’t know. So, to know more in depth, on the Telescopes and Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration visit their official Site-link.

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