Why are Backlinks Important for a New Site?

by Shaan

Backlinks are linking that one site gets from other sites. That is why we call web-world, where everything is interlinked on the internet. Back-links are one of the indicators that show how popular and important is your site. Most of the search engines prefer sites with quality backlinks and only then they rank you higher in the search result. Back-links make a huge impact on your website.

Backlinks are either self-created or happen automatically. Back-links are further classified as high- or low-quality back-links, Do-follow or no-follow backlinks and authoritative back-links. Any of the higher authoritative site such as Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter will give no-follow back-links. Backlinks from these sites are anyways great to have of a new site.

One can also have backlinks from directory and feed submission which will again be no-follow and Do-follow;


If your site gets quality back-links from good sites, the probability of you ranking higher in the search result is much higher. Let’s say I give a backlink to and National Geographic gives a link to then second will rank higher. This happens because National Geographic has much higher domain authority compared to my site. Once you start getting back-links that will start building your domain authority. All this backlinks and domain authority can be checked on sites such as Ahrefs, SmallSeoTool, SemRush, Moz and Google Search Console.

Not very difficult to start building your site backlinks, if I can do it you can do it too. You can also build your own PBN (Private Blog Network) and start giving links to each other. Till the time you create good content you will start getting links from various site automatically as well.

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