Fiverr is helping freelancers make money online

by Shaan

Looking to freelance or searching for freelancers Fiverr is doing both. An online market place for your project service. Started in 2010 it is a middle man service company, providing its platform to both buyers and sellers. Similar, to what Amazon does in the e-commerce sector. Based out of Israel this company is serving the world. All the services on its portal start as low as 5 USD further bargaining in services and quality are possible.

Any service on this portal is known as “GIG” which ranges from website designing to SEO to content writing, animation to data entry. I remember finding freelancers use to be a tough job and now we have too much. When we have too much real confusion starts, let me explain to you what the issue. I selected a gig for Articles & Blog Posts, and it gave out a result of 19644 results. Oh boy, we can not quantify service can we, so the site gives out ratings and things like Pro verified, Rising talent. Finding the right candidate is again quite tough.

Anyways, Fiverr charges from both sellers and the buyers for the sellers the ratio is 80-20 and for buyers, it’s 2 USD upfront additional to the gig cost. So, if you are looking to hire or provide your service this site can be your destination. You just need to register your self as a buyer or seller. Just make sure to communicate with the person before you do your payment via credit card or debit card.

Further giving you bonus link for getting 20% off on your first purchase. So much for their referral program. Let me know your experience with them in the comment section if any.

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