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by Shaan

If you are a writer or a reader Google Trends is your new friend. Google in 2006 brought this tool which would reveal what the world is searching. Most of the articles that go viral on the internet are carefully researched and this site plays a major role. The trends based on the site are world-wide and region specific. The latest trends are shown in graphs and quantity of search queries on Google Search.

Google Trends Graphs

It is quite simple to use just go on the Google Trend site and put in your search term and it will automatically give out the data. Further, you can change from the region specific to the worldwide search term. The site also gives out some of the most search terms from all over the world. One can also specify the timeline, category and web search from YouTube, News and Image search.

Google Trends Region Search

If you are a creator, you can check Google Trends for the trending topic for your video and article. Carefully selecting the keywords will make a difference. If you are a reader check out the latest what is people are searching and reading about. Topics can be compared with each other so you would know what is more trending. This tool is free to use and easy to use for both creators and viewers.

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