Quora The Questions and Answers App

Quora, The Questions and Answers App

by Shaan

We all have plenty of unanswered question in our mind, so here is the Quora App for you. It’s a free app that will help you with all your questions. It started back in 2009 now with more than 10 million downloads on the play store. It is one of the biggest answering application. This application is not just into answering the topic, it also lets you vote on it for correctness on the topic.

How to Use Quora App?

Firstly, visit your app store and search for the app download the app and open it. The app will ask for creating of an account with Google, Facebook or with your email. Once you register and verify if used your email. You will have a profile, much similar to most of the social sites. Lastly, create your profile, credentials, Pictures, short description about yourself and select your liked topics

How to Use Quora App

Quora’s menu on the App

It gives you five options menus in the home screen, Home, Answer, Spaces, Notifs and You. Home will get you to the feed section where you will see all the questions and answers to your selected topic. Answers are the place where you can write down about the topic being asked. Spaces is a community-based space for one single topic and shared interests. Notifs will alert you when someone answers your question or someone upvotes it. Lastly is your You which will take you to your profile page.

Profile Page on this App

This page shows all the answers and questions you have created along with the states of views and your messages. You can edit you profile and add links if needed.

Asking a Question on the App

Use the above + button or just add the content on the top space where its says “What is your Question or Link? Once you do add a topic then you just need to wait till someone answers your asked query.

Asking a Question on the Quora App

Adding links to Quora

If you are a content creator or want to ask something specific you can add a link and ask the same. For content creators you can leave a link of for blog or site for people to visit or see about the topic.

Searching for the Answers

You can also use the search button to find an answer as there are about millions of queries already been raised and attended to for example. How do to SEO? Is asked about 1000 times do you can read what people had to say. If you find and thing good and you know about the topic just upvote the content, so everyone knows what is the most like answer to the topic.

This is an amazing app for everyone who seeks knowledge and has some queries for expert’s opinion. I have seen some very big guys on this app helping others who seek guidance and references. Meanwhile, you can also visit their site as well.

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