FileZilla, A Free FTP Solution Software

FileZilla, A Free FTP Solution Software

by Shaan

FileZilla is a free cross-platform FTP application started as a classroom project by Tim Kosse back in 2001. With this software, one can easily transfer files between servers and clients. One can download the FTP client for all platform and Server application for windows straight from their official website. As the technology is moving towards cloud computing this application is a must to understand. This FTP works with most of the leading clouds such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Almost all the Hosting providers currently recommend file transfers via FileZilla.


FileZilla is capable of running on Windows OS, macOS, and Linux. It supports FTP, FTPS and SFTP protocols. In simple terms, this is an application that pairs with the cloud and gives you access on your computer. With is application paired one can download and upload file easily to the server or cloud.

When running this application you can view the queue for file transfers, bookmark access to most frequent server use, drag and drop files, directory comparison and much more. It is not like anyone can connect to any server one needs the address, key, user name, password and has to open the firewall port for connection. The application FileZilla is available on their Official Site.

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