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As a tech startup, we are always talking about the latest and apps, gadgets, and companies. Keeping up with technology news from around the globe. TechLounger will deliver startup news in a very approachable and laid-back style. TechLounger.com is a great source for independent tech news, reviews and analysis.
If you’re interested in the science of technology, this is the right site for you. TechLounger.com is an unbiased web resource to understand how technology is shaping the world. You can expect accurate predictions about the top technologies, some are down the road. Either way, these technologies are changing the world.
Techlounger.com is started keeping “Technology” in main focus.


My name is Shaan and like always its my day one in the Tech World. Born in Karnataka and brought up in many other states in country India. I am a Post-Grad in Business Administration have worked with Coldstar Logistics, Amazon and Jindal Steel before jumping completely in the digital ocean. Other than this I have my interests in travel, digital games and aquarium. If you want to know more about my side of the story you are free to visit me at https://shaan.ch and thank you for visit and keep in touch.

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